What We do

Prestige Island Exports is dedicated to offering our clients the most effective service for their personal needs. We have a team of bilingual experts who are ready to assist any client with all the technical information and guidance needed. We understand that window and door renovation projects are not daily tasks and for that reason we are here to guide you through the entirety of the process which entails different material selections, product hardware, and custom finishes all made to offer you the most adequate choice for you.
We strive for client satisfaction and to that we stem our philosophy as the ‘concierges’ of the window industry who will be able to guide you through the fenestration project that best fits your budget and design profile. We have experience working with architects, contractors and clients who are in the process of designing, constructing or remodeling their homes.
Our work for decades has been primarily with custom designed private homes in the Caribbean each built to enhance the unique look, personal essence and exclusive look desired. We accept architectural plans, existing structure opening measurements, and we are always prepared to meet potential customers at job sites if needed.