The Advantages of Site Specific Engineering

Everyone has a vision for their dream house, and no house is complete without windows and doors that complement its aesthetic. Whether you desire a more modern look with an abundance of high-reaching windows and natural light or a more vintage style of solid wood doors with carefully designed patterns, your vision can’t be achieved without proper planning. The best way to ensure your dream house comes to life is through site specific engineering. In this blog, we will define what site specific engineering is and why it’s recommended for the construction of your dream house.

Site Specific Engineering: What Is It?

Site specific engineering refers to a method in construction in which an engineer provides documents exclusively for your site. After visiting the site where you plan to construct your home, an engineer will evaluate several different factors so that any requests you have can be engineered to be executed as planned. It also ensures that all blueprints and design intents are achievable safely for the location of the site.

The Objective of Site Specific Engineering

The ultimate goal of utilizing site specific engineering in the developing stages of a construction project is to create unique, safe buildouts. Luxury constructions, like the one of your beautiful coastal house, have special requests, architectural design concepts, and custom size openings. These things can only be achieved with a group of experts that have knowledge in the field and can assist in accomplishing it. The average run-of-the-mill construction team won’t have the experience and background to properly inspect the site and design layout. 

That’s what makes site specific engineering with a trusted partner so important. It merges the design intent and construction process to help achieve the vision of the client/architect. Whether your design includes building custom glass openings, custom column covers, recessed floor conditions, flush floor conditions, or anything in between, site specific engineering will allow your vision to come to life efficiently.

Why It’s Essential For Fenestration

When it comes to the fenestration of a luxurious home in a coastal climate, every detail matters. Even the type of soil that the site is on plays a role in the construction process. Each island can have different construction methods and only companies with construction expertise in these regions will be able to discern and provide solutions. 

There are several factors that come into play when considering site specific engineering. Firstly, structures in the Caribbean fluctuate between wood and concrete. Depending on the location of the site, wood or concrete can provide benefits against weather conditions like wind and rainfall. There are also elevation concerns, natural hazards such as volcanoes, areas subject to flooding, and many other factors that need to be identified prior to construction. Lots of project managers overlook these factors and can end up in costly repairs/upgrades in the long run.

Examples Of Custom Designed Products

To exemplify the advantage of site specific engineering, the following is a list of custom designed products that we’ve been able to provide clients with:

  • Custom glass openings: these can be skylights, glass floors, and butted glass.
  • Custom column covers: clients wanted to cover (clad) exposed construction columns with aluminum covers to match the finish of the window/doors – also used in contemporary, industrial architecture.
  • Recessed floor conditions: design/build doors engineered to prevent tripping hazards between inside/outside of the home.
  • Flush floor conditions: engineering water evacuation systems to flush water and facilitate drainage in order to create flush floor conditions between internal and external areas of the homes. 

Without sending a professional to the site to evaluate design plans and the site’s topography, terrain, and climatic conditions, we would have never been able to provide these custom designed products that can be utilized to meet the conditions needed. There will be specific necessities for your project that must be identified by professionals ahead of time.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Vision

At Prestige Island Exports, we understand that every single project requires a unique approach. We can utilize site specific engineering methods to provide you with innovative design solutions to enhance your home with the exclusive style desired. Our team has years of experience designing and building custom windows and doors for sophisticated homes in the Caribbean. For more information on how we can help you achieve your vision, please contact us today to explore your options.