Purchasing Miami-Dade NOA Approved Products

Florida and the Caribbean region are one of the most beautiful places to call home. From the warm weather to tropical beaches, there are endless reasons to live in these locations. However, this region of the world is highly susceptible to strong winds that come with storms and hurricanes. 

Since these strong winds pose a threat to the safety of homes, the Florida Building Code (FBC) was created. Thanks to the FBC, storm-related risks were significantly reduced and both people and property were protected as much as possible in the event of a hurricane. Alongside the FBC, purchasing Miami-Dade NOA (notice of acceptance) products is vital for the safety of your home. In this blog, we will discuss NOA-approved products and why they’re important. 

What Are NOA Approved Products? 

NOA stands for notice of acceptance which is a document issued by Miami-Dade County that certifies that a door or window model is suitable for commercial operation. Windows and doors developed for commercial use must pass a rigorous three-part impact test to comply with Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) building code. 

To be called an HVHZ rated product, windows and doors must pass level D of the three-part test. Missile level D is the most commonly used test for windows and doors built in Florida and represents large missile impacts that could be caused by the strongest of hurricanes. The test represents a 9lb 2 X 4 shot at 50 feet per second. All storm protection systems for residential and commercial structures must meet this standard.

This product approval process was put into place by the state of Florida in 2003 in response to severe damage caused by hurricanes. 

NOA documents are also important for engineers, architects, and construction managers as they indicate part sizes, types of material used, and accessories characteristics. Miami-Dade County requires the manufacturer to deliver a copy of the NOA to the installer who must have it present during the entire installation process. 

Why Purchase NOA Approved Products?

When investing in something as meaningful as your lovely tropical home, it’s crucial to ensure it’s structurally sound in the case of a hurricane. Also, the safety of you and your family is more important than anything else. This makes NOA approved windows and doors a primary concern when building a house. 

On top of windows and doors, the following are other products that must receive Florida product approval:

  • Panel Walls
  • Roofing Products
  • Shutters
  • Skylights
  • Outdoor structures such as a pergola

Although the Caribbean region offers some of the best weather conditions in the world, strong winds and storms can arise without warning. Ensuring that your home and family are protected by NOA products is of the utmost importance. That’s why cutting corners is never acceptable in the fenestration industry. At Prestige Island Exports, we will always adhere to state building codes and product approvals. 

Understanding The FBC

In addition to the state of Florida, the Caribbean also utilizes the FBC for guidance in homebuilding. Experts in the industry who understand this code can help the building of projects abroad. Prestige Island Exports is experienced in fenestration in the Caribbean. Our vast knowledge of Florida’s building code helps us apply those same standards to homes all across the Caribbean. 

Experts In Tropical Fenestration

The Caribbean is an ever-evolving niche region with specific needs. Properly protecting homes in this region requires a special level of expertise and care. At Prestige Island Exports, we understand that each project deserves a unique approach. We also understand essential building codes and the importance of utilizing NOA approved products. Sit back and relax knowing that your dream home is in good hands. Please contact us today to see how we can help fulfill your needs.