International Shipping: The Importance Of Having An Experienced Partner

Take a look around all the goods surrounding you right now. Chances are extremely high that those goods were transported via sea freight. In fact, approximately 80% of the world’s goods are transported overseas on freight. For a fenestration company serving the Caribbean, understanding how to manage shipments internationally is of the utmost importance.

The logistics industry is its own world with its own language. Those who aren’t experienced and knowledgeable in the logistics industry will encounter a tremendous amount of stress when it comes time to ship goods internationally. That’s why it’s imperative that any partner you work with has the necessary resources to take care of all your needs. In this blog, we will cover important logistics terms and illustrate how Prestige Island Exports has the knowledge to handle international shipping. 

Topics Our Team Has Expertise On

Our team is knowledgeable in various aspects of international shipping, and Prestige Island Exports is dedicated to providing expertise to effectively manage it. Below are some topics our team is experienced in: 

Container Transit

With years of experience shipping fenestration goods to the Caribbean, our team has vast knowledge of container transit on international routes. From flat rack containers to open side containers, we understand the little details in container transit and can assist you in finding the most efficient way to ship goods to the location of your dream home.

Managing & Tracking Shipments

Sea freight transportation is the most commonly used method for transporting large quantities of goods. However, there are a lot of steps that goods must go through before they even reach the vessel. Our company is able to manage and track your international shipments so you’re always in the loop. We pride ourselves on solid communication and can assure you that your goods are well taken care of throughout the entire journey. 

Contacts In The Industry 

Prestige Island Exports has so much more to offer than your traditional run-of-the-mill fenestration company. In addition to having experience working with luxury, custom designed homes, we have contacts in all of the ocean freight carriers that transit through the Caribbean. We have contacts with King Ocean, Seaboard Marine, Seacor Island Lines just to name a few. Our extensive contact allows us to explore a plethora of different options for your specific needs. 

Less Than Container Load (LCL) Shipping

If the goods that you need shipped aren’t enough to fill a standard container, we have the expertise to provide you with LCL shipping. LCL shipping is when the load is grouped with other lots heading to the same destination. This is a viable option for those who aren’t shipping a large amount of goods as it can help reduce costs of international shipping. No matter the quantity of goods you need shipped, we can arrange the easiest way to get them to you. 

Make Sure Your Shipping Needs Are In Good Hands

International shipping can be a headache, and dealing with partners that don’t have experience in the field can delay your project by weeks or even months. At Prestige Island Exports, we understand the logistics industry and can offer guidance to clients on issues like duties, clearing products at port, brokers, and all the small intricacies that come with international shipping. To ensure your shipping needs are met, please contact us today to set up an appointment.