Crafting Elegance With Our New Partner Luxbaum

The world of luxury fenestration is one where artistry meets architectural precision, and there’s a name that resonates with craftsmanship like no other: Luxbaum. Join us as we embark on a journey to unveil the essence of Luxbaum, their commitment to elegance, and their exquisite use of expertise to craft luxury impact windows and doors that are designed to stand the test of time.

Luxbaum’s Origins and Values

Luxbaum’s story begins with a deep-rooted passion for creating windows and doors that not only stand as functional architectural elements but also double as charming pieces of art. Entrenched in the artistry of woodworking, Luxbaum is dedicated to preserving the timeless tradition of crafting windows with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality of materials.

Their values are simple yet profound: they believe that every living space should be a reflection of the unique style, personality, and aesthetic of its inhabitants. With this ethos at the heart of their craft, Luxbaum elevates the concept of “customization” to new heights.

Merbau Wood: A Luxurious Choice

Central to Luxbaum’s unique fenestration approach is their use of Merbau wood, a timber that has long been celebrated for its natural beauty, strength, and durability. The tropical hardwood, native to Southeast Asia, is known for its rich, deep hues and striking grain patterns that age like fine wine. Merbau’s exceptional resistance to moisture, pests, and decay make it a reliable choice for crafting windows and doors that can withstand the test of time and nature. Its innate elegance transforms each piece into a work of art while providing unparalleled strength and protection.

Custom Made, Elegant Products

At Luxbaum, elegance is more than just a mere attribute; it’s a way of life. Each window and door is an embodiment of sophistication, meticulously tailored and crafted to the desire and lifestyle of clients. From traditional, timeless designs to modern interpretations, Luxbaum specializes in custom made fenestration products that seamlessly merge aesthetics with functionality.

  • Lift-and-Slide Elegance: Luxbaum’s lift-and-slide doors, with eight panels that disappear into pockets, redefine luxury and functionality.
  • Award-Winning Folding Doors: Luxbaum’s folding door system has earned acclaim for its design and versatility, accommodating an unlimited number of panels to create stunning, expansive openings.
  • Grandeur in French Doors: Luxbaum specializes in 12-foot-tall French doors that exude sophistication and style.
  • Stately Entry Doors: Luxbaum’s 12-foot-tall entry doors make a grand entrance, setting the tone for opulence and elegance.
  • Sleek Slim Profiles: Luxbaum’s fenestration products feature slim profiles that rival steel doors, ensuring a modern and chic aesthetic.
  • Unparalleled Size and Height: Luxbaum boasts the industry’s widest and tallest wood windows and doors, offering unparalleled luxury and spaciousness for your projects.

But elegance is just the beginning, Luxbaum is also committed to the importance of safety and protection of your dream home. They have mastered the art of impact resistance without compromising on style. Their windows and doors not only work to transform living spaces but also help elevate peace of mind.

Extensive Product Catalog

Luxbaum is anything but your cookie cutter architect. Their extensive product catalog is a testament to their versatility and commitment to meeting specific demands of each project. Whether your design calls for Casement Windows, Direct Glazing, Double Hung Windows, or Fixed Windows, Luxbaum has the expertise and craftsmanship to create windows and doors that perfectly match your vision. With our creative minds combined, we can custom fabricate each window and door, showcasing our ability to think beyond the conventional and embrace the exceptional.

Explore Our Partnership and Discover How We Can Craft Your Dream Home Today

Prestige Island Exports is proud to welcome Luxbaum to our fenestration family. Their dedication to elegant, durable craftsmanship aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering the finest products in luxury fenestration. We invite you to discover Luxbaum’s artistry with us as we embark on a journey to provide clients with top-of-the-line windows and doors for their dream home. Please contact us today to learn how we can bring your home’s vision together with the help of our new partner Luxbaum.